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Diva Demands Made In The Qantas First-Class Lounge

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has spilt the tea on all the diva demands that people have made in the first class lounge at Sydney Airport. They are frigging bizarre.

A plate of really small diced up raw vegetables.
Also known as, misery on a plate. It's alleged that the Qantas patron's name was "Flopsy" and after being served their tiny skerrick of vegetables, they were spotted scuttling around their cage nibbling on orchard grass pellets and delivering Easter eggs to children across the globe. 


A burnt burger.
Apparently the customer specified that they didn't just want a thoroughly toasted burger, but rather a burger that was so burnt it resembled charcoal. 


A Burger & Chips - In Liquid form.
You read correctly. Why... Just why? 

What's even more bizzare than these demands being made, is that they were met. The Qantas motto is 'there are no requests that the staff won't deliver on!' 

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