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Former PM Bob Hawke Lends His Name To A New Beer

Legendary larrikin Prime Minister, who famously enjoys a drink or two, has launched a new beer bearing his name.

The Labor great said yesterday:

“They wanted to call it Hawkie’s Lager,”  

The former PM who once held the world record for downing 2.5 pints of beer in 11 seconds, and has also gained notoriety in recent years after scolling beer while in the crowd at several cricket matches has yet to taste the beer bearing his name

Bob Hawke necks a beer at the cricket in 2012

Mr Hawke agreed to lend his name to the venture on condition that a percentage of beer sales profits go towards rural programs around Australia saying that:

“They (Hawke’s Brewing Co) were advertising with a friend of mine … and they were in New York thinking about beer and who they would like to have a beer with and decided they would like to have a beer with me,” 

“I’m not making anything out of this, all of my share is going to (environmental movement) Landcare."

“I said I would do it (launch the beer) on condition that I wasn’t making a profit out of it.


“I set up Landcare when I was Prime Minister and it was great work and I thought it was an ­appropriate repository for my share of the profits.

“I hope the efforts of this company will not only bring good friends together over a cold beer but also help raise awareness of the great work done by Landcare.”

The former PM knocks another one back at the cricket in 2017

Hawke’s Lager is available on tap at 11 pubs (Hawke’s First XI) in Sydney and Newcastle from today.

Cans are due to hit the market on April 25.

Daily Telegraph

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