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Get To Know Sons of the East

Having clocked up millions of views on their music videos, Sydney indie-folk band Sons of the East pride themselves on their rowdy, raucous and oh so rambunctious live shows, working off what they call the ‘tear-jerkers’ and the ‘boot-stompers’.

Hailing from Sydney’s north shore, Sons of the East consists of Jack Rollins, who once tamed an emu; Nic Johnston, who is reportedly the ‘best at finding short cuts’; and Dan, whose hair was apparently once described by David Attenborough as ‘the single greatest organism to ever grace the earth’.

In other words, they are NOT your average indie-folk band.

Since forming in 2011, the rising stars have made their way around Australia, from Sydney’s best live music venues to a camel farm in Uluru. Oh, and don’t forget about their upcoming European tour! These guys are taking over the music scene, and we couldn’t be happier.

In this episode of “We Are The World We Create...." podcast series, we sit down with the band to pick their brains about their unique creative process, and discover the many routes to creative brilliance and inspiration. Listen now!

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