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Guy Accidentally Sends His Mum The Most NOT OKAY Photo

One man has learnt a very valuable lesson in checking his photos before sending them to his mum.

At first glance, the picture that Maison Vallance took of his girlfriend Meghan seems very innocent. She looks lovely, angelic even, so why wouldn't you send it?

Sure girlfriend Meghan is in Maison's bed, but she's fully clothed. In fact she's in a jumper and covered by a blanket... No harm done, right?

Well... no harm was definitely the intention when Maison asked his GF to pose next to a t shirt his Mum had bought him...

Here's the pic in question...

"Too pretty not to post..." Cute. But do you notice anything, well, suss?


Still no?

Hmmm....take a look at the headboard.


MAISON {*insert middle name here**} VALLANCE. What. are. those. ropes???


"I’m going to regret this as soon as I ask, but the ropes ...?” One of his vigilant friends commented on the picture.

By the time poor Christian Grey Maison had realised his mistake, it was too late.

Maison has since posted a new tweet which has garnered almost 60,000 retweets (at the time of publication) and over 212,000 likes.

Unsurprisingly, because "Mum's"... Mrs Vallance didn't notice anything out of the ordinary...

In an interview with Indy100 Maison's Mum saw the funny side.

“She gave me a funny look then laughed! She thought it was hilarious,” he said.“My girlfriend was embarrassed at first but then embraced it.”

Well good for them.

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