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Guy Who Had His Penis Cut Off In The 90s Returns In New Show

The name Lorena Bobbit still causes men around the world to shift in their chairs and uncomfortably cross their legs whenever her name is mentioned.

You may recall that in 1993, after years of being a victim of domestic violence at the hands of her husband John Wayne Bobbit, Lorena snapped and chopped his penis off with a kitchen knife.


After the attack, she drove around in her car before eventually tossing the severed appendage out the window.

Police later found it, and it was eventually surgically reattached.

Weirdly, Bobbit then went on to star in 'adult' films including 'Frankenpenis', becoming a bit of a freak media star in his own right before eventually fading back into obscurity.


Now Bobbit returns in a Reelz series called 'Scandal Made Me Famous'.

The program is a horrendous low budget true crime shows where they reenact real events with poor acting and bad scripts.

Bobbit discuss' what what happened on the night he was assaulted:

“I looked down and there was blood everywhere ... It was a devastating thing to happen to you suddenly. Suicide seemed like the only answer.” 

“I don’t blame Lorena. We both hurt each other. I wish her the best.”


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