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Has Play School Gone Too Far With Political Correctness?

Popular children's TV show Play School has come under fire after they changed the lyrics to a popular song on an episode that was shown this week.

Some parents claimed the ABC was pandering to the political correctness brigade when they noticed that the words to the tune 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt' had been altered.

Instead of the lyric "We’re going on a bear hunt, we’re going to catch a big one" the song encouraged it's young viewers to go on a “bush hunt” with the altered line: “We’re going on a bush hunt, we’re going to find some treasure."

An ABC spokesman told news.com.au the lyrics were simply changed to suit an episode that featured an an Aussie bush theme and that the “bear hunt” song would still be aired with its original lyrics in future episodes.

The spokesman said, “We approach every episode from a children’s perspective and ensure the content is engaging and easy to comprehend,

“We regularly adapt the lyrics of familiar songs to help us in that endeavour."

“On this occasion, the lyrics of the song We’re Going on a Bear Hunt were adapted to suit a specific episode that was based on an Australian bush theme, the core learning value of which was orientation through map reading literacy."

“Adapting the lyrics on this specific occasion from ‘bear hunt’ to ‘bush hunt’ helped us guide the audience on a bush hunt to find a treasure. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt remains a popular and entertaining song, and one we will continue to play in its original form for our Play School audience.”

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