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How A Teen Got A DM Reply From Her Fave Celeb On Instagram

Kylie Melbourn is your typical 17 year old girl. She lives in the burbs of Chicago and she likes to edit her photos before she posts them on social media. Kylie is us, and we are Kylie.

Kylie has an Instagram trick, and she never in her wildest dreams expected anything to come of it.

She uses Instagram filters for photos she wants to post on Facebook and Twitter. She edits her photos in Insta and then sends them to Singer/Songwriter Austin Mahone, so she’ll have the photos to post elsewhere. Oh, she also used to be a massive fan girl of Austin's.

Kylie told Buzzfeed she’s done this “at least 40” times over the past three years and he's received everything from prom photos to photos of her and her dog.

Austin, however, has never replied, until now...

Kylie and Austin now have babies together and live happily ever after. Just kidding, but her story is still pretty cool!

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