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How To Tell If Your Cat Is Left Or Right Handed

Ever wondered if your cat is left or right handed?

If the answer is no, you're about to find out anyway.

Research has found that the paw your cat favours most all depends on their gender. The study was conducted on 44 cats and reveals that female cats are more likely to be right-handed than males.

The majority of the cats showed a paw preference when reaching for food, walking down stairs or stepping over objects, and that their preference of paw was consistent in most of their tasks.

In all cases, male cats preferred their left paw, while females were more inclined to use their right. As for sleeping, the cats didn't seem to have a side preference.

Dr Deborah Wells from Queen's University Belfast said limb preference could be a useful indicator of a cat's vulnerability to stress.

"From a pet owner's perspective, it might be useful to know if an animal is left or right limb dominant, as it may help them gauge how vulnerable that individual is to stressful situations," she said.

"We have just discovered that left-limbed dogs, for example, are more pessimistic in their outlook than right-limbed dogs."

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