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Huge Bundles Of Marijuana Are Washing Up On Florida Beaches

It what sounds like the premise of the next big stoner movie, huge marijuana bundles have been washing up in Florida.

The bundles, apparently containing individually wrapped five-kilo bricks, began appearing since the approach of Hurricane Florence… and people are fighting over them.

Reports as to why it’s happening have ranged from a boat capsized by the storm or a plane drop gone wrong.

People around the Daytona Beach area have been faced with an ethical dilemma: grab the pot and run or call the police?

“We’re at Jungle Hut (Park) and a huge bundle of drugs or something just washed up on the beach and there are people like fighting over it,” a woman said during a recorded 911 call.

“There’s like seven or eight people out here… and they’re all like huddling up against it, and my dad’s trying to take it so that you guys can have it all.”


After the cops arrived, the 911 caller noticed that someone had removed one of the bricks which made up a bundle. When they were questioned, they gave the oldest trick in the book: they were “holding it” for the police.

He was arrested.

Local police said they recovered about 100 pounds – about 45kgs - over two days and the bundles are assumed to be all part of the same shipment.

The Washington Post

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