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Kmart Fans... There Is Some Awesome News For YOU

Every year, there is an Ethical Fashion Report that reveals how Australian customers are operating in regards to how they use their workforces in the developing world.

This year, the report has analysed 106 fashion companies that operate in Australia and given them a grade from A to F.

However, only three of the 15 brands that achieved an A are based in Australia.

Over the past 12 months, Kmart and the Cotton On Group have made some great strides and have been applauded for making progress towards fair pay and ensuring they are ethically sourcing all materials.

Baptist World Aid Australia Advocacy Manager Gershon Nimbalker has told The Huffington Post:

"There have been some Australian companies like Cotton On Group and Kmart that have made significant headway in this area, but 72 percent of companies that scored at or below a D+ are headquartered here."

International brands like Zara have received an A grade, but Valleygirl, Betts and Lowes have fallen behind the pack.

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