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Lost Sydney Cat Reunited With It's Owner After 14 Years

A much-loved family cat that disappeared 14 YEARS ago has been incredibly reunited with its owner.

Chelsea the cat has been roaming the Sydney streets since she wandered off as a four-year-old, with her original owner Lee McKenzie hoping that she had been taken in and cared for by another family.

However, it appears at least recently Chelsea has been fending for herself, as the now eighteen-year-old cat was found extremely dehydrated and close to death just 20km from where she originally went missing.  

9 News reported that this week Chelsea was handed into an animal rescue group after she was found in poor health.

Luckily, Chelsea was micro-chipped, resulting in this amazing long-lost reunion.

Ms McKenzie said she was stunned after being told that her cat had been found more than a decade after she went missing.

'It's still hard to believe she’s back, I bawled my eyes out when I saw her, as soon as I saw the photos, I knew it was her,' she said.

The vet who treated Chelsea, Doctor Patricia Carnovale, said she was amazed the cat had survived on the streets until the age she is.

'For an 18-year-old cat, she’s really healthy, I didn't expect her to be that old, especially out to fend for herself, it's quite remarkable for a cat that old to be able to look after herself,' she said.

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