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Melrose Place Then & Now

Between 1992 and 1999 Melrose Place was one of THE shows to watch!

The show based around a bunch of bed-hopping doctors and fashion designers was so popular that when it aired every Tuesday night, bars and pubs would host 'Melrose Nights' and screen the show to their patrons!

Produced by Aaron Spelling, the shows biggest star was Heather Locklear, who's bitchy character Amanda Woodward gained cult status for having flings with several of the hunky (but let's be honest, kind of dopey) guys who hung out at the famous apartment complex.

As the show progressed the baddies became even more crazy (Dr Kimberly famously blew up Melrose Place after a season ending cliff hanger) and it felt by the final series almost all the characters had slept with each other at least once. This went for off-screen as well, with Grant Show who played Jake having flings with Heather Locklear, Daphne Zuniga AND Laura Leighton.

So, what do the stars look like in 2016, have they aged gracefully? Well, take a look for yourself!



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