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'Missed Ya Bus' Is The Best Thing On Instagram

Forget cute pets, aesthetically pleasing food and selfies - THIS is what Instagram was made for.

An account called 'Missed Ya Bus' is literally dedicated to capturing people's reactions when they miss public transport. 

The videos show people running towards closing train doors then playing it cool when they don't make it in time.

You may feel like a bad person for laughing at other people's expense, but it's too damn funny to care. 

From this guy who ran his little heart out: 

To this chick who wasn't really trying anyway:

Or these gals who were SO CLOSE, but not close enough: 

Best to play it safe.. #thepulloutmethod #getthenextone #myb

A post shared by @ missedyabus on

Or this guy who acted like he never really wanted the train in the first place:  

This account is guaranteed to be your new guilty pleasure...

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