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Morcombe's Have A New Reason To Celebrate After Announcement

It's been a big year for the family of the late Daniel Morcombe, who was abducted and murdered on the Sunshine Coast almost 13 years ago to the day. 

They welcomed their first grandchild, after Daniel's twin brother, Bradley and his wife, Anna. 

Their son was named Winston Daniel George Morcombe in tribute of his late brother. 

Now the Morcombe's eldest son, Dean, has announced his engagement to long-time partner Alice while holidaying in New Zealand. 

The family are reportedly delighted at the news. 

“They’re always smiling and they are a happy couple," his father Bruce told the Courier Mail.

“It was very noticeable, the change in Dean’s attitude, and he seem very happy and I’m sure Alice is as well.

“The proposal and engagement has been very welcome by the family indeed.”

Parents Bruce and Denise are also producing a documentary about the circumstances surrounding Daniel's death, with the aim of raising awareness in the community and hopefully preventing a similar situation from occurring in future. 

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