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Parents Are Now Choosing To Host Their Kids Parties At Kmart

Are Kmart parties the new trend?
For these Aussie parents they are!

Forget about the local bowling alley or park, Aussie parents are now choosing to host their children's parties at Kmart.

A concept created by a member of the Facebook group Kmart Mums, parents are choosing to host Kmart parties, which involve giving each child $20 to spend in store on everything from bath bombs to stationary and clothes. 

Chantal Simms told Daily Mail Australia that her daughter Bella was "very excited" by the party suggestion for her 10th birthday. 

"I printed out the shopping challenge and when we arrived I explained how it would work. Then the kids took me to the relevant areas."

The challenge saw the young children receive $20 each, and abide by the guidelines on what they were required to purchase. 


Shannon Cassidy also had a similar idea when she decided to host her daughter's 13th birthday at Kmart.

"My daughter just turned 13 and at loss of what to do for a party, we came up with the Kmart Challenge," she wrote in the Facebook group 'Kmart Mums Australia'. 

"Each guest was given a specially made envelope with cash in it to burn in Kmart, then lunch at the food court and home. Easiest party I’ve ever done."

She also gave out trophies (bought from Kmart of course) to the girls. Trophies included the categories "smart saver", "most items purchased" and "best shopper".




Rebecca Downing's 11-year-old daughter Piper wanted a similar party plan for her birthday.

"The kids were invited to do a treasure hunt and then lunch at Hungry Jacks," she told Daily Mail Australia.

"When the kids arrived we gave them a letter outlining the rules and what the guidelines were for each of their purchases.  

"The girls read through the instructions and then split into groups. I explained that I was going to be in the middle of the store for questions and adding up.

"Then an hour later they returned to me and we all lined up, paid for their goodies and left the shop."

Are Kmart parties the new trend? It sure looks like it!

Image Source: Kmart Mums Australia (Facebook Group)

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