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Passenger Caught Committing The ULTIMATE Sin On A Flight

Flying seems to bring out the worst in people... whether it's that annoying person who reclines their seat back the minute the flight takes off, or the person who hogs the armrest - all common decency goes out the window. 

A woman has taken the cake for infuriating passengers around her, committing the cardinal sin of listening to a movie with no headphones in. To make matters worse, the audio was on full blast.

A fellow passenger was so annoyed by her antics he filmed the incident and posted it on YouTube. In the video, which has been viewed over 11,000 times, the woman appears clueless that her selfishness is disrupting the whole flight.

The caption for the video on YouTube wrote: "Our entire section of the plane was in shock when this woman watched an entire movie on her phone with no headphones and the volume at full blast."  


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