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Passerby Films Woman Striking Child In The Face With iPad


Unfortunately, police can't always be everywhere, which means that many low acts go unreported.

This was not the case in California, where two passersby noticed a little boy crying uncontrollably, and a woman, treating the child in a rough manner.

She reportedly pulled the little boy from a Kohl's store by his hair before putting him in his car seat and hitting him in the face with what looks like an iPad when he wouldn't stop crying.

The passersby who were filming on their phones at the time then confronted the woman, asking why she hit the little boy in the face.

The woman looked shocked and got into her car without saying a word.

No-one is sure of the woman's relationship with the child, but the video of the crime has gone viral, in the hopes that the women is reprimanded and that further incidents like these don't occur.

See the video below...


Source: GX News

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