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People Born In September Are Smarter According To Science

We’re sure that out of the twelve months in a year, everyone has their favourite and while sometimes it could be to do with the seasons, more than likely it has something to do with the fact that your birthday resides in that month.

And while you might have trouble convincing others that your month is the best of them all, people who’s birthday is in September now have official bragging rights to say that in fact the Spring month is the best of the best.

Why? Because according to science people who are born in September are actually smarter than everyone else (yeah the virgos and Libras!)

According to a study published in the National Bureau of Economic Research, older students in schools had an academic advantage if they were born in September.

Scientists who conducted the study looked into the development of 1.2 million school students in Florida between the ages of 6 and 15 and found that on average students who had been born in the ninth month of the year had higher yearly average scores than those who were born in other months such as August.

These yearly score help determine which students were accepted into various universities and so the study also meant that September babies were more likely to make it into the better universities and colleges for higher education.

So if you’re a September than wear this badge loud and proud. We’re talking tag all of your friends, brag to your siblings and shout it from the rooftops! We’re apparently the smartest according to science and their isn't anything anyone can do about it!

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