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People Want Plastic Surgery To Look Like A Snapchat Filter

Snapchat are being blamed for a rise in unrealistic plastic surgery expectations.

Surgeons are claiming that Snapchat's face transforming filters have started a concerning new trend being dubbed "Snapchat Dysmorphia."

New York plastic surgeon, Dr Matthew Schulman, says that patients have been bringing photos of celebrities using Snapchat filters and asking to look like them. 

"Everybody basically is using a filter on their own and they're either taking that next step to bring it to me saying, 'Hey, this is what I want to look like,' he said. 

"Not everyone is going that far, but in their head, that's what they want to look like and then they're coming to me and saying I want smoother skin, I want my eyes to be opened up, I want my lips to be fuller. You kind of have those two groups of people."

It's among other alarming plastic surgery trends, including a spike in the number of people wanting to alter their belly buttons


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