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Study Says People Who Play The Sims Are Happier & Healthier

It’s time to dig out your old computer, log into your ‘The Sims’ account and play with your imaginary family for hours on end - doctors orders!

Why? Because apparently playing ‘The Sims’ has been proven to actually be good for you according to science!

That’s right, despite the fact that you may have thought you were in someway a low-key psychopath for enjoying spending hours upon hours carefully building a beautiful life for your Sims only to tear it down and slowly kill them off (don’t deny that you did this), it turns out you’re actually better off for it! 

A recent study has concluded that escaping into a virtual reality can make a person happier and healthier in real life. According to psychoanalyst Steve McKeown, playing computer games like 'The Sims' makes a person more well-rounded.

“It is important to remember that immersing yourself in your imagination periodically is actually a very positive form of escapism and is considered important for our brain functions as it can expand our creativity,” McKeown said to UNILAD.

“It allows the gamer to express a part of their personality that they may not have known if they hadn’t played. Albert Einstein once said ‘creativity is intelligence having fun’."

You hear that peeps? Apparently the time we spent choosing the looks, building the careers and designing the homes of our Sims wasn’t a “waste” of time like our parents said. It was actually making us more intelligent! Take that mum!

“Our consciousness is very adaptable and allows us to create an opening to different paradigms of reality every time we focus on alternate versions of life through our thoughts,” continued McKeown.

“With the assistance of life simulation games such as Sims we can enhance our inner experience. Without escapism we would simply burn out. It’s the main reason why we dream at night when we sleep as it’s our minds way of disengaging from the state of conscious living.”

So there you have it. Don’t feel bad the next time you’re using the ‘motherlode’ cheat code so that you can build your Sims the best life possible. In fact, do it until your heart is content, because you’ll end up being a better person for it!

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