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Pink Reveals She Was 'Forced' To Motorboat A Fan

She is one of the biggest pop stars in the world, but it appears that even Pink has had unwanted attention from over-zealous fans.

In a story not too dissimilar that saw Taylor Swift go to court after being groped backstage at a meet and greet, Pink has revealed that she too has had to deal with a fan getting a little too close for comfort.

Cool shot from last night courtesy of @apfelmatze ❤️ #singingintherain☔️

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In the Daily Mail the 37-year-old star told how revealed she was on the receiving end of a 'forced motorboating' while in Puerto Rico.

'I was in a bar once in Puerto Rico and a girl ran up to me, lifted up her shirt, and it was a forced motor boat,' she said.

'It was a full violation,' she added.

Pink has just released her seventh album Beautiful Trauma and is currently touring throughout Europe, there's no word yet on when she'll return to play in Australia.

Road dawg #nyc #tourdiaries #boobies #redwhiteandblues

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