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Priceline’s New Addition Will Leave You Shocked!

Australia will no longer need to creep upstairs at an adult bookstore to get their sex toys.

Priceline Pharmacy has just released a new brand of vibrators called ‘Smile Makers’ which are being described as ‘personal massagers.’

The pharmacy just released a few different varieties in different colours with names such as The Tennis Coach and The Frenchman.

The brand aims to please women who have always wanted a vibrator but felt too embarrassed to buy one at a speciality adult store.undefined

Sexologists Nikki Goldstein said ‘The use of pleasure products has long been associated with increased satisfaction in the bedroom but the normalisation of how we purchase these products needs to become more mainstream.

'I think this could have been part of the issue that has stopped women from buying them until now.'


Prices range from $24.99 to $49.99 and the vibrators come in five titillating varieties: The Surfer, the Tennis Coach, the Fireman, the Millionaire and the Frenchman.

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