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Public pool bans women who are on their period

A gym in Georgia has caused outrage this week after they put up a sign telling women they could not go into the swimming pool while on their period.

They have argued the ban was introduced for hygiene purposes and say they have had the water 'contaminated' previously.

Say what?

Royal College of Obstetricians' Janine Rymer has said that "It’s both safe and hygienic for women to go swimming while they are menstruating if they wear a tampon or menstrual cup.

"These will collect the menstrual fluid before it leaves the body, unlike pads which will become wet in the water and won’t absorb the menstrual flow.

"Women should remember to change their tampon and menstrual cup regularly according to the heaviness of their menstrual flow."

So no, period blood will not 'leak out' and spread in the water.

Plus, period blood is not dirty, or toxic, so while it is unlikely will ever leak out, it also unlikely that anyone will get hurt from it.

It is also true that you cannot, at all, control your period, so there is always a possibility of it beginning while in the pool. Where are those guidelines, eh?

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