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Red Rooster Have Just Made A Bloody Amazing Announcement

Red Rooster - it’s been the store you can get here, there and everywhere when you are out in the suburbs... but it's not as easy to pick up a Hawaiian Pack in the middle of the CBD.

As Red Rooster have pretty much focussed on drive-thru and, more recently, delivery, it's meant that the inner-city has been generally Rooster-free.

Well, no longer.

New smaller format stores are due to open and will be called ‘Reggies’, after the iconic rooster mascot.


The first round of stores will open in April, and the lucky places are... Goulburn, NSW, Ashgrove, QLD, North Ward, QLD and Northbridge, WA.

So, get your chicken on Australia, ‘cos now it’s available everywhere.. kind of.

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