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RSL Customer Sends Back Bread Roll For Strangest Reason EVER

Is this a first world problem, or did the customer have a legitimate gripe?

The Corowa RSL club has posted on social media a bread roll that was returned by one of it's customers.

And what exactly was the issue, was it the wrong type of bread? Was it stale? Did a swarm of spiders hatch inside the roll?


The roll had not been cut exactly in half, as requested.

Corowa RSL CEO Peter Norris revealed that the customer was "a bingo lady, in her eighties," 

"Kelsey, who works in our cafe, passed it on to our duty manager who passed it on to me," he said.

Mr Norris grabbed a ruler and permanent marker, and confirmed the shock news that the roll was sliced 5 millimetres too close to one side.

"Our customers have been coming in saying, 'no, we're not going to pick on you for such little stuff'," he said.

While the club was more than happy to offer the customer a refund, one wasn't asked for.

"The worker made a new one," Mr Norris said.


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