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Samuel Johnson Didn't Want Connies Cancer Battle Made Public

Despite having raised over $6 million for cancer ­research with the love Your Sister charity, actor Samuel Johnson has revealed that he was initially ­reluctant to be involved with the fund raising initiative.

Johnson told the Daily Telegraph:

“I’ve resisted this whole going public with Connie’s illness thing and I never wanted a bar of it,”  

“Who wants to air their dirty laundry in public? It didn’t put me in a very good position ’cause it forced me to market my sister’s illness, which feels wrong.”

The Gold Logie winner said Connie, who was diagnosed with breast cancer seven years ago and given just months to live, dragged him “kicking and screaming” into helping the charity “and boy I’m glad she did”.


Speaking at a Sensis event recently, Samuel revealed the power of the charity work he's undertaken.

“Social media is really powerful and we’ve got plenty of proof of that,” he said.

“It’s fantastic. Our village comprises half a million people on social and it’s a really kind place. Love Your Sister was set-up with Gmail and a mobile phone. It’s a classic kind of start-up charity and the bulk of the $6 million that we’ve raised has come through Facebook.”

Johnson is working hard to on one last tribute celebration for his beloved sister.

“We are working on something, just funny, Connie wants to call it Laugh Your Tits Off, but debate is raging."

“We are looking to assemble the country’s finest comics and have a laugh and send her out with a giggle,” he said.

Daily Telegraph


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