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7 Horrible Things That Really Happened On Friday 13th

Do you believe in superstitions?

While some people don't think there's anything to the whole "bad luck" and "Friday 13th", there are some very real and scary reasons to think otherwise.

Here's a few examples for you to make your own mind up...

The "Original" Friday 13th

On Friday, October 13th 1307, King Philip IV of France had thousands of homes belonging to the Knights Templar raided.

Hundreds were arrested, tortured, and killed on unproven charges of illegal activities.

Maybe this is why we still think 'Friday the 13ths' are unlucky. 


A Daredevil Leapt To His Death

On Friday, November 13 1829, daredevil Sam Patch was performing a death-defying leap into New York's Genesee River when he failed to defy death.

Reportedly he was half drunk when he arrived in Rochester to perform the leap, but all we really know after that is that he never performed a jump again...the scary thing? 

Patch "did not retain the position while descending or strike the water as he did on the former occasion". 


Australia's "Black Friday" Fires

On Friday, January 13 1939, after months of drought, some inexperienced farmers attempted to back-burn dry vegetation and ended up setting the Victoria province of Australia on fire.

75% of the state was affected by the flames which killed 36 people in the first day and 71 people total.

In addition, 1300 buildings were destroyed including 700 homes. 


A Terrifying Story Of Survival Begins

On Friday October 13 1972, the Uruguayan Old Christians Club rugby team was flying to a match when their plane suddenly crashed atop a high mountain, covered with snow.

Only 27 survived the crash, but with no equipment for the cold or altitude, they soon realized they had no choice but to try to survive until help could come.

During the two month wait before they finally sent two people on a deadly mission to find help, they began eating their deceased teammates to stay alive.

Finally, on December 23, 72 days after the crash, the remaining 8 teammates were rescued (8 were killed by an avalanche).


Another Deadly Place Crash Took Place

On the exact same day that the rugby team crashed in the Andes, a plane crash near Moscow, Russia killed 174 people.

The cause of the crash remains unknown, but it may have been struck by lightning, leaving no survivors. 


A Cruise Ship Tipped Over

On Friday, January 13 2012, the Costa Concordia cruise ship capsized off the coast of Isola del Giglio after striking a reef, killing 32 people.

The rest of the passengers and crew had to be airlifted out of the boat which had come to rest on its side, a process which took 19 hours. 


A Suicide Attempt Ends EXPLOSIVELY

On Friday February 13, 1987, Robert Bullard, a 21-year-old man, attempted suicide by trying to put his head into a gas oven.

The attempt was unsuccessful, but when a light switch was flipped, the electricity caused an explosion, injuring Bullard's mother and a police officer but leaving him untouched. 


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