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Shane Warne & Cricketing 'Bad Boys' In HOT Water Over Selfie

Shane Warne is in trouble with the law - he's been fined for not wearing his seatbelt! 

Former cricketing 'bad boys' Shane Warne, Kevin Pietersen and Michael Slater were filmed not wearing seatbelts in a car Hobart last week. 

Has putting something on social media ever come back to bite you on the butt? Well, clearly it has for Warnie...

The three men happened to film their indiscretions while driving though Hobart, Tasmania. The video selfie was lived streamed on Shane Warne's Facebook page.

Realising they were doing something wrong, Warne and Slater soon buckled up.

But their antics unimpressed Tassie Police, who had just recently launched a seatbelt safety campaign.

According to The Herald Sun, police said they had fined three men aged 47, 46, and 36 from Victoria, New South Wales and the UK respectively.

Watch the video above to see the video that 

Source: The Herald Sun 

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