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She's The 11th Bride In Her Family To Wear The Same Dress

When Abigail Kingston thought about her wedding day, she never had a doubt in her mind about the dress she would wear.

Passed down five generations of her family, and worn by 10 other brides since the 1890s, Abigail will wear a 120-year-old gown that first belonged to her great-great-grandmother, Mary Lowry Warren.

Lowry wore the Victorian-era satin gown in 1895, and it was last worn in 1991.


The hand-me-down tradition took 50 years to get started as Lowry's daughter didn't want to wear the dress, opting for a flapper-style dress in the roaring 20s.

After being worn by Lowry's granddaughter, the tradition began.

But Kingston had a lot of work to do to get the dress into good condition ahead of her October 17 nuptials, the sleeves were falling apart, it had lots of holes in it, and the once white satin had turned brown.

The dress went through about 200 hours of restoration, especially after previous brides cut away at it in the 80s...


"Everyone kept cutting away and cutting away at it, especially in the ’80s," Kingston said.

"Now it’s in style in that it’s tea length, but it was never meant for that."

Kingston and her mother wanted to restore the gown to its original design in 1895.

Kingston admitted she first realised she wanted to wear the dress when she was five years old and at her Aunt Ann Odgen's wedding in 1991.


There's already been interest for a twelfth bride to wear the dress on her wedding day.

Kingston's mum Leslie said, "it's not just the dress that's been handed down, it's the love."

You can see all the photos of previous brides here.

Source: Daily Mail

Photos: AAP

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