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Still wearing that festival wristband? Cut it off, now!

Hands up who still has their festy festival wristbands on from last summer?

Well please go and get yourself to the nearest pair of scissors. You're cultivating your very own bacterial breeding ground and it could be seriously affecting your health.


Dr Nick, a scientist over at triple j, did some pretty impressive-looking tests on a couple of gross AF wristbands - including one that someone had been wearing since 2009 - and found upwards of 600 million bacteria hanging out.

The most worrying find was golden staph, a grotty germ that can cause wound infections, boils, impetigo and food poisoning.



"The numbers are so high, I would advise against doing this and wearing them for years and years and years," Dr Nick said.

"Cut it off and put it in a scrapbook or something."

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