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Surfs Up! Aldi Are Selling $49 Surfboards For Summer

If, like me, you've always wanted to try one of Australia's greatest past-times, surfing, but haven't hit the surf yet, Aldi may be your saviour this summer!

While the average cost of a surfboard is around the $500 mark, the German discount chain has announced a new range of boards with prices starting at only $49.

The surfboards are available in a huge range of patterns and colours, plus they are also stocking their own bargain priced paddleboards from $299, which usually average around $2000.


They will also be stocking snorkel and flipper sets for just $24.99, as well as towels and other smart summer accessories.

They will also be selling their new range of children's and adult's clothing and swimwear. 

Looks like this upcoming summer is going to be the best value yet!

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