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Man Bitten On His Penis By REDBACK Spider

This must be every man’s nightmare.

We all know how protective men are of the crown jewels so you can imagine one man’s HORROR when he was bitten on his penis by the terrifying redbacked spider.

The tradie was using a Portaloo on a building site early one morning in Sydney when the spider struck.

He quickly realised what had happened and he rushed himself to hospital.

He is recovering well and suffered no major side effects.

It is not uncommon for redback spiders to hang around toilets as it makes hunting insects easier for them.

(Sidenote: Gross)

Around 2,000 Australians are bitten by redback spiders every year, however there are very few deaths.

The bites are painful though, leaving red marks and causing severe discomfort.

So lets all spare a thought for this poor tradie.


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