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Man Threatened With Fine For Taking Wrong McDonalds Order

Police attended the home of a Sydney man after a local McDonald’s store accused him of stealing another person's food order.

Santo Le Roca claims that officers questioned and threatened him with a fine after he was given the wrong order at a Bass Hills McDonald’s drive through.

The man claims that he has been wrongly accused of stealing after he brought his son to the Bass Hills McDonalds just over a week ago to order dinner. 

He paid for two double cheeseburgers, two large servings of fries, nuggets and two frozen cokes with cash. But it wasn’t until he got home and looked in his take away bag that he realised he’d been given the wrong order.

Mr Le Roca said that there was around about $20 of extra food in the order but he decided that the mistake wasn’t their fault and so they ate the food that had been given to them.

Just two hours later police knocked on Mr Le Roca’s door after tracking his license plates and threatened to fine him $300 for stealing from the McDonalds restaurant.

Luckily, after arguing his case, Mr Le Roca was let off without a fine but he has now become known as the real life Hamburglar!

This story begs to question though, who on earth would drive back to a McDonalds after already going home if they realised they had the wrong order? We don’t think even the police officers could say that they would do this.

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