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Terrifying Footage Shows CROCODILE Swimming Past Kids

The terrifying moment a crocodile swam in through a young Australian family has been caught on camera.

Mark Timms had taken his wife and children for a dip at Moonshine Gorge in Western Australia when his 14-year-old son Cameron was bitten on the stomach and elbow.

The young boy suffered two, single puncture wounds and had to be treated with antibiotics; speaking of the moment he was attacked, Cameron said: "We were just standing in a group and I was swimming through the middle when all of a sudden, I felt something on the side of me.

"I realised I was bleeding, I went into a bit of shock and didn't know what was going on."

But it wasn't until the Timms family reviewed the day's footage on Cameron's Go-Pro underwater camera that they understood just how close they had come to the predator.

In the short clip, you can clearly see the crocodile brush past Mrs Timms - something she later said she had felt, but assumed was one of the children accidentally kicking her - before disappearing into the murky water.

Check out the clip below, although we'll give you a heads up: It may put you off getting in the water this summer. 

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