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13 Reasons Why Theory That'll Change How You Look At Hannah

If you’ve been watching ’13 Reasons Why’, no doubt you’ve at times felt emotional, angry, confused and a little mystified, most of all by Hannah, and her reasons for ending her life.

As the second season begins filming, people are pulling apart the first, trying to piece together the clues and find some answers.

One thing you may not have focused on yet, are the things that come up in Zach’s theory, which, i’ll be honest - may make you think.

The actor who plays Zach, Ross Butler, says that his tape is the first tape that makes the audience question Hannah.

Remember when Jess said Hannah is actually the one who stopped going to Monet’s?

That’s the first example that comes to mind where Hannah’s recollection of what happened is blatantly questioned.

"My episode is the first episode that makes the viewer question Hannah," Ross said.

"Is Hannah really telling the truth? Is she consciously lying about it? Or is it just her truth? There is a big scene where a lot of the Reasons meet at Monet's and we talk about how to handle the whole situation. I think Courtney says, 'That's her truth, but not my truth.' So it starts to play with different perspectives,” said Ross.

So could Hannah have been lying about some of her other classmates?

Or at least just be confused about what actually happened – like Zach’s letter, that Hannah insisted on the tape had been thrown away by the basketball star, but was later taken out of his pocket.

"I think it speaks to the fact that people have different truths and sometimes it's not reality. That can affect how people think. Sometimes they think they saw something, and then they think that a person thinks of them in a certain way. That can make them feel more depressed or make them think they've been done wrong when they haven't been."

Oh man… we need to know if HANNAH WAS LYING! Come ON season two!!!!

Source: Cosmopolitan

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