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The Bachelor's Megan And Tiffany Hit Out At Keira...

They’re the Bachelor contestants who fell in love while competing for Riche Strahan’s heart. Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon have copped a barrage of criticism after revealing their relationship to the world.

Last month Bachie villain Keira Maguire publicly claimed that the women’s relationship was staged. Now Megan has shot back warning Keira she better “not to get in touch” with her of Tiffany any time soon.

“I haven't heard from Keira since we were both filming and I probably don't recommend her trying,' Megan told OK Magazine.

Keira accused the women of staging their relationship during a Q & A with fans on Instagram live. When asked by a fan if they were faking their relationship, Keira responded:  “Yes they are faking their relationship." 

She's hot.

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She went on to call their union a 'publicity stunt'. Ouch! It’s not the first time the girls have had to contend with allegations from former contestants. Rachael Gouvignon claimed both women were dating men when they are said to have fallen in love in Bali.

 “I'm not sure about the girls saying they fell in love after their first visit to Bali (in June) as when I caught up with Tiffany (in October) when we went skydiving she told me about a guy she was seeing,' Rachael said.”

”Megan has also spoken to me about a guy she was seeing ... Maybe their status should be along the lines of an open relationship or bisexual!,” she continued.  

Megan hit out in an emotional post on Instagram last week, writing: 'I am actually so tired, so very, very tired, of the accusations and slander from ignorant and narrow minded people. '

Listening to the Hottest 100 today... What else? Greetings from Canggu 🙌🏽 #shelikesredwine

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“My relationship is a publicity stunt, I should prove my relationship by making a porno. These are all actual comments that I've seen,' she continued.

“How does your criticism make you any better than the person you believe me to be? Go live your life and leave me alone to live mine!” she signed off.

The girls recently moved to Bali to start their own business. We can't wait to see what happens next!  



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