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Dangerous New Baby Reveal Trend You Definitely Shouldn’t Try

Gender reveal parties are a fairly new concept, they're all about having a baker bake a cake or a party shop fill a balloon with confetti in a colour that represents the gender of your unborn child.

However, a new trend has some people worried.

They’ve been taken to a whole new level recently when Sydney Event Escorts posted a video to social media that showed a crowd of about 30 people gathered next to parked cars, as the car started to do a burnout.

Blue smoke then pours out of the back and the couple standing on the street embraces, clearly elated to learn they are expecting a son. A closing message fills the screen: ‘It’s a boy!’


The video has now been removed from the Facebook page.

A police spokesperson said burnouts are illegal under the Road Transport Act.

“Traffic Highway Patrol has confirmed they are investigating this (incident on video),” the spokesperson said.

Source: news.com.au

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