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The Hunt Is On For Perth's Best Retro Gamer

Think you know your Space Invaders from your Mario Kart? Now is your time to shine. 

Australia’s only museum dedicated to gaming history, The Nostalgia Box, is on the hunt for Perth’s Best Retro Gamer.

Yep. Awesome.

To celebrate its first year tucked away on Aberdeen Street in Northbridge, they will find their champion during their Retro Video Game Decathlon.

Owner of The Nostalgia Box, Jessie Yeoh, told 96FM that they are looking for 20 teams to play 10 games to find their retro champion.

“Teams will get 10 minutes to play each game, the winner of each round will attract three points, the second will get two points and the third, one point.”


The teams will play ‘round robin’ on the home-style consoles until they find Perth’s Best Retro Gamer. And, as it starts at 6pm, in true gamer style, it could go all night. However, after a champion has been crowned, teams and spectators will be invited to continue the party at Perth's only video game bar, Respawn.

Games in the decathlon will include…

- Space Invaders on Atari 2600

- Columns on Sega Mega Drive

- Super Street Fighter II/Mortal Kombat II on SNES


- Sega Rally on Sega Saturn

- Mario Kart on SNES

(Pong at this point is a ‘maybe’)

Ms Yeoh's top tip for players is to think strategically when putting their team together, to find members who aren’t all really good at one particular game, to try and spread the team’s pool of talent.

Click here for further details, including ticket information.


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