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The ONE Question That Determines If Someone Is A Keeper

If you're tired of dating one douche bag after the other and you're looking for a keeper, listen up. 

A relationship expert has said there's a simple way to determine your future with someone and all you have to do is ask one simple question.

Forget asking "where is this going" or "do we have a future together." Dr Robert Maurer recommends sticking to a much more cheesy line. 

“So, how come someone as wonderful as you is still single?”

If you make it sound like a compliment, their answer will reveal a lot about their character. 

“As they relate the stories of their last relationship(s) are they taking any responsibility for choosing poorly or not having the right skills at that point in their lives?” Dr Maurer said.

“Are they taking any responsibility for the last relationship not working?”

If they play the victim, you're in trouble... 

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