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Girl Asks Mum Creepy Question After Looking Into Drain

Between the random red balloons popping up around the city, hundreds of freaky-ass clown posters on bus stops and the fact every horror fan in the world has been anticipating its release, you may have noticed that IT hit cinemas over the weekend.

The remake of the Stephen King novel of the same name tells the story of a group of kids who come face-to-face with their darkest nightmare, a clown-like monster who happens to live in a drain.

IT is an absolute mindfuck but at least it's fiction, right? RIGHT?!

Because we're having serious doubts after hearing the story of a little girl who had a full-on conversation with SOMETHING under a manhole cover over the weekend.

The two-year-old was walking with her mum when she stopped beside the grate, lay face-down over the top of it and proceeded to yell "Hi guys!" into the deep abyss.

"We were taking the dog for a walk when she stopped, bent down and started talking to the drains," Joy Zylstra explained.

"She kept on asking em if she could go down there and see them, but she wasn't allowed to.

"Once she had got up I had a look down the drain and no-one was in there, not even workers, just rubbish and water."

You can watch the full, creepy footage here but it might be safer to stick to the movie. 

Or just never go near a body of water ever again.

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