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The Search For The Best Mate In Australia

Mate, what makes a great mate?

That’s the question we asked you, Perth, and boy did you deliver.

You gave special shout-outs to everyone from your BFF and fiancé, to singing sidekicks, campfire cooks and providers of beer.

So here’s our favourites shouts for great mates who deserve a pat on the back.

“My Fiancée! I have trouble relating to the Aussie public. She explains sports, cars etc, and helps me connect on the common ground of beer” - Reece Chappell

“Mark Murphy goes the extra mile to cook customised homemade delectable on his BBQ when camping for everyone,” - Alison Waters

“My workmate Emma, who has spent a lot of her spare time helping me to lay my patio which saved me a fortune” - Charlotte Black

“My BFF Louise, who helped deliver my baby at home when I went into labour and couldn't make it to the hospital in time” - Gabriella Holloway

“The Big Dos is me mate. Bloke always has a cold beer, shoulder to lean on and cannot beat me at anything, I mean anything” - Michael Seeds

“Kevin, because he sings Dolly Parton songs at karaoke - he sounds exactly like her too. Embarrassing because he’s a construction worker” - Darren Squires

“My mate is Paul O'Sullivan. He does airport pick-up/drop-off's at any hour and lets me use his Netflix and Stan accounts” - Matt Bateman

Cheers to all the great mates!

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