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Interviewer Tries To Split The Thinkergirls: Gets Real Shock

The Thinkergirls made a special guest appearance on ‘On the Schtul with Stefan’ and things got more than a little uncomfortable.

During a game of 'Musical Schtuls', host Stefan pitted the girls against one another – something that goes against their bestie friendship.

“This is a schtul off,” Stefan said excitedly, to an unimpressed Stacey and Kristie.

“We’re not going to be split, like this isn’t going to be like create some sort of PR thing where you can split us,” Stacey said. “Just because we’re two chicks, doesn’t mean we’re fighting. We like the same stool, we’re just going to sit here.”  

While the interview ended on a super weird note, Stefan did get some insight into the girls and their favourite stools.

“I like a soft, comfy stool,” Stacey said, while Kristie agreed and added that the stool had to be insta-worthy. Dah!

The girls took the opportunity to teach Stefan the way of the millennials with such common phrases as “LOL” and “legit”.

Too funny!

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