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The Unlikely Baby Name That's Becoming VERY Popular

For those of us who consider ourselves sci fi geeks, no doubt you LOVE you some Star Wars action.

You love your lightsabers and intergalactical storylines - and you may even idolise Anakin Skywalker.

Well, it appears that many people are taking their love of Star Wars to the next level by naming their children after the favourite characters, specifically Anakin Skywalker.

Yep, 'Anakin' has made its way into the SSA's top 1,000 baby names list for the first time last year, clocking in at 957 - according to a report on Entertainment Weekly.

Is it really that much of a shock? Considering 'millenials' have just begun to have their own children - and they're notoriously huge fans of all things Star Wars related.

Want to know the other Star Wars-related names that are climbing up the popularity ladder?

1. Ayra

2. Deckard

3. Leia

4. Talyn

5. River

6. Dash

7. Helena

8. Hoyt

Source: Bustle

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