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The Winner Of I'm A Celebrity 2017 Just Made History!

And the winner of I'm A Celebrity 2017 is... Drumroll please...


The Australian Idol winner's coronation secured her a spot in the history books, as she became the first ever Australian Queen of the Jungle, and she cried in shock as co-hosts Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris announced her the public's choice, ahead of runner-up Dane Swan.

Casey had been favourite to take the title from early in the competition, capturing the nation's hearts when opening up about her gut-wrenching experience of being catfished and earning almost every one of her fellow campmates' love, support and backing.

When talking earlier in the camp, Casey revealed that the highlight of her six weeks in camp had been discovering what she was really made of.

"On the outside world, I run, I run from problems, I run from stress, I run from things, I just retreat," she confessed. "In here it's been so difficult not to escape, you know, everyone with Pricey, when he had a go at me with the fire, that hurt my feelings so deeply that I just wanted to say, 'Hey, I don't treat me like a kid.'

"Because from Idol to now, that's all I have been treated like - is a kid. You know, it's OK to be me.

"And I finally understood that on the last day."

Casey's crowning took place after an action-packed grand finale, with a hectic bush tucker trial finally bringing Dane Swan to a halt; as he, Casey and Natalie Bassingthwaite attempted to wade through a quicksand-like mixture of cornstarch and water, they became trapped in rather precarious positions and rangers had to swoop in and spend more than 30 minutes freeing the contestants.

But all three took it in their stride, cementing (pardon the pun) the reason why the actor, AFL star and singing sensation have survived six weeks of public voting to make it through to the final show. 

It's been one heck of a ride; from Tom Arnold's tantrums to Tziporah's constant sh*t-stirring, Keira Maguire's crying-while-smashing-every-trial technique to Casey making up songs for every occasion and, our personal favourite, Steve Price pashing on with Dane, this season has never been short of drama, laughter and, sometimes, tears.

And we don't think Australia could have picked a more deserving winner either.

Congratulations Casey! 

So... Now what do we watch?

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