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The Dirty Word Carved Into The Art Attack Talking Head

This is an Art Attack... This is an Art Attack... This IS Art Attack!

Sorry, we were just having a moment.


Playing back the shows you used to be obsessed with as a kid is always eye-opening; WHY were we allowed to watch Ren & Stimpy? Were we ever ACTUALLY scared by Goosebumps? How were The Wiggles SO happy, all the time?

But this latest internet theory about the beloved arts and crafts show we always watched but never actually did anything with has blown our tiny minds.

It turns out that that slightly annoying talking head (did he have a name?) on Art Attack had a heaps filthy word carved into his head; an eagle-eyed Twitter user has spotted that the statue's hair strands spell out "SEX".

Can't see it? Hang on.


What has been seen cannot be unseen.

Combine that with a creepy AF theory about Titanic that'll probably destroy any love you had for the film and a pretty disturbing take on Elf and we just don't know what to believe anymore.

Bye, nostalgia. It was nice knowing you.

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