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These Are The Perth Suburbs Being Targeted By Scary Clowns

The movie IT has a lot to answer for.

Nightmares are one thing, even the trailer is giving people a severe case of the creeps - and the other thing, is the return of the clowns.

Yep, those clowns, who earlier this year got a sick thrill out of dressing up and creeping out people around the world, often just by standing there, watching.

Thankfully, they went away.

Or so we thought.

Now that the new IT movie has been out for about a week, they're bloody back.

According to the 'Clown Purge Australia' Facebook page, the clowns will be sent out to various Perth suburbs on Saturday... specifically 10 clowns. 

Those in the northern suburbs can rest easy, clearly the comically tiny clown cars can only service the more southern areas of Perth.

- Kwinana

- Mandurah 

- Rockingham

- Bull Creek 

- Cockburn

- Aubin Grove

They also gave the locations of the iconic red IT balloons, which in the movie - an adaptation of a horror novel written by Stephen King - indicates the presence of a shapeshifting clown Pennywise, who appears every 27 years to feed on children.

Reports say that their intention wasn't to harm, that they were only in it for a laugh and a good time.

And to perhaps give us an non-intentional heart attack.

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