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These Tiny Fish Live In the Bumholes Of Sea Cucumbers

Home is where the heart is - or, in this case, where the bum is.

Meet the pearlfish, a pencil-thin swimmer found off the coast of nearly every Australian state; like other members of the Carapidae family, it enjoys nothing more than finding a body cavity to set up shop in.

Kinky fish.

But one particular species' abode of choice is in the anus of a sea cucumber which, Australian Geographic explains, it locates by "following the current of water as it's inhaled and expelled".

Then it gives the area a little tap - knock knock, anyone home kind of thing - before "penetrating" the sea cucumber.


It uses one of two techniques:

1. Head-first, propelling itself by "violently thrusting its tail from side to side" or;

2. Tail-first, lining up and sliding in with the cucumber's next "breath".


They're usually pretty solitary fish but, on occasion, they have been known to welcome a partner into the fold. Ahem.

Check out the full video above, a snippet from BBC's Natural World series, and just think about how much you'd save on heating. 

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