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A National Tim Tam Shortage?? Say It Isn't So!

How can this be? The biscuit gods must be against us. Arnott's and Coles are entering into a chocolatey war, and we are the only victims.

The world might soon be spiralling into the most desolate kind of place. A place with no Tim Tams.

WHYYY??? I can hear you asking the obvious question. It's all because of a disagreement between Coles and the biscuit's manufacturer, Arnott's.

It seems that Arnott's wanted the supermarket to hike the prices of Tim Tams by 10%, and Coles (bless them!) refused. But now, Arnott's is refusing to supply stock!

Come on Coles, back down. We'll pay whatever they ask, as long as we can have Tim Tams at any time of the day or night.

TIM TAM SHORTAGE?!?!?! We could be headed for a shortage of Tim Tams! Coles is no longer selling several varieties -...

Posted by Sunrise on Monday, November 30, 2015

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