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Top 5 Weirdest Royal Wedding Souvenirs You Can Actually Buy

Every time there’s an exciting event in the Royal world the rest of us go a little bit crazy stalking photos of the event, ditching all other plans so that we can watch it go down live on TV, you know the usual stuff.

And then there’s those who go above and beyond us normal folk by creating some of the weirdest and wackiest items you can think of to commemorate the event. No, no we’re not talking souvenir plates or flags…

In terms of the royal wedding between Meghan and Harry that’s going down on Saturday May 19, we’re talking things from food, clothing and even garments for the male uh member…designed specifically for the pending nuptials.

Check out the top five weirdest things out there that you can buy to commemorate the wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. And we bet you won’t be able to get through the list without bursting into laughter!

1) Sausages


Sausage maker HECK over in Yorkshire have designed a new recipe to celebrate the joining of England’s favourite red-haired royal and Hollywood’s sweetheart. Called the Majestic, these pork sausages are infused with sweet ginger and American mustard.

2) Beer


For those looking for a specially crafted brew to wash down their royal sausages with, someone has gone and created a Royal Wedding Pale Ale called ‘Harry and Meghan’s Windsor Knot'! The drink is again inspired by the joining of England and America using barely grown on the Royal Farms in Winsome and hops from the west coast of the US to create the beverage.

3) 18 Inch Harry & Meghan Dolls


In what is probably one of the more creepy souvenirs, HistoryWearz on the Etsy online shopping site have handcrafted 18 inch dolls designed to look exactly like Harry and Meghan. Of course, if this one tickles your fancy you’re going to have to splurge with the pair costing AUD$204.11.

4) Swimsuits


In similar fashion to those swimsuits that pictured a male hairy chest, printing site Bags of Love have created one pieces with ginormous prints of Harry and Meghan on them! And you can even customise which photo you want of the couple by sending in the perfect shot to the site and getting them to print it onto the swimmers.

5) Condoms


Last, but definitely not least, a contraception company have developed a special type of condom called ‘Crown Jewels Heritage Condoms’ that they claim are fit for a prince! talk about giving your girl the royal treatment…

Yep, there’s definitely some royal loons out there! But the people that might just be a tad more crazy are those that are actually buying them!

Can you just imagine rolling up to your local beach in a prince harry swimsuit, sipping a royal beer and cradling a Meghan Markle doll? We told you…Whacky!

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