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Tracey Is Leaving Her Daughter In Perth To Move In With Sean

Married At First Sight stars Tracey and Sean have announced they are moving in together, but Tracey's young daughter won't be joining them.

The couple have told New Idea that despite both of them living in Perth, they are moving across the country together to Melbourne, however Tracey’s eight year old daughter won’t be joining them.

Tracey has revealed that, “When we move there I want to focus on my writing and Sean’s almost qualified as a personal trainer. I’ll travel to Perth regularly to see my daughter and she’ll come here on school holidays”

Sean only recently met Tracey’s eight-year-old daughter Grace and photos from their time together in Perth were shared on social media.

They couple say they will move to Melbourne in June and Tracey has told that they’ve discussed marriage and starting their own family.

Sean said, “She’s so loving and caring, often putting others before herself,”

“She’s a beautiful person inside and out, and a terrific mother.”

Tracey added, “We said if we could get through the series without breaking up, we’d be fine. And we have” 

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